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Impact! Partners Financial is an independent investment management firm providing a full suite of financial services to the Houston metro area.

Our goal is to fulfill your retirement dreams. With proper guidance and planning, you can live the retirement you have always dreamed of. We help empower a retirement strategy designed to meet your unique retirement needs. Transparency is one of our core values and communication is our key tool to building a trustworthy relationship. We provide personalized investment management to help empower you to reach your desired long-term financial goals.



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We are financial professionals ready to answer your questions about retirement planning, tax planning strategies, and more. To schedule an appointment or contact our office at (281) 549-6515.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we can help you answer.
1Will I have enough money to last through retirement?
Running out of money in retirement scares most people more than dying. The concern is real, as longer lifespans can mean a longer retirement. Generating retirement income that lasts requires careful planning. But it starts with having a sense of when and where you want to retire, and what kind of lifestyle you envision. An Impact! financial professional can help you work through these and other questions.
2At what age should I begin my Social Security benefits?
You can start to receive benefits at age 62, but your monthly benefit rises 8% for each year you wait to start – until age 70, when increases stop. There are lots of factors to consider though, including your need for income, your other sources of income and even your health. We can help you run the numbers and compare scenarios to decide whether earlier or later is right for you.
3How can I create a legacy as part of my retirement planning strategy?
You want to have enough money to live comfortably through retirement, but may also want to leave some of it behind for the people you love. We can help you develop a financial plan that will help you achieve your legacy goals.
4How do I take income from my IRA or 401(k) investments?
Transitioning to a new employment opportunity will prompt you to move your retirement plans. Overlooking this task can lead to unexpected tax penalties as well as an array of accounts to keep track of. The reality is if you are leaving an old job for a new one or retiring, you still need to decide on what to do with the money you’ve saved during your last employment. We want to help make the task of transitioning accounts easy. Our advisors will walk you through the steps and help you move the funds between accounts, including rollovers.
Please remember that converting an employer plan account to a Roth IRA is a taxable event. Increased taxable income from the Roth IRA conversion may have several consequences including (but not limited to) a need for additional tax withholding or estimated tax payments, the loss of certain tax deductions and credits, and higher taxes on Social Security benefits and higher Medicare premiums. Be sure to consult with a qualified tax advisor before making any decisions regarding your IRA.

A Roth conversion may not be suitable for your situation. The primary goal in converting retirement assets into a Roth IRA is to reduce the future tax liability on the distributions you take in retirement, or on the distributions of your beneficiaries. The information provided is to help you determine whether or not a Roth IRA conversion may be appropriate for your particular circumstances. Please review your retirement savings, tax, and legacy planning strategies with your legal/tax advisor to be sure a Roth IRA conversion fits into your planning strategies.